HIFYI is a lifestyle app for all. It helps you find and discover about events, shopping, deals, brands, movies, sports, schools & airline information. The app works in both offline/online modes. App will alert you based on your category selection and will send notifications when you are near the venue/product.
You browse through the specially designed campaign list for specific sections, find something you like and get information about a product, event etc. App directly connects you to the campaign authority. App doesn't hold any inventory or manufacture any products - we just connect you to the owners/organizers/concerned people.
On Android, HiFYI works on versions 4.3 to 6.0 and on Apple devices that have iOS 8 and above.
On Android, HiFYI works on versions 4.3 to 6.0 and on Apple devices that have iOS 8 and above.
To build a more personalized and convenient experience while using the HiFYI app, we would like you to use Facebook/Google to sign in.
Yes you can use the app as a Guest but you will not be able to see all listings, create your favorites list, register for events or buy any product.
We need your location to showcase the closest offline/online listings near you. It also helps us to help you identify the closest HiFYI Zone that you might like to visit.
We send notifications to you through beacons that are placed in HiFYI Zones. To receive these messages we would need you to ensure that your Bluetooth is turned on. Do not worry, only 2-3 % of your battery is utilized by Bluetooth, in the whole day.
No, you do not have to pay to use HiFYI. The application is free to download on Android as well as iOS
Please visit the contact us section on our website (, fill up the short form and we will get in touch with you.
Notifications are mobile pop up messages that you will get based on you location. Notifications up to a time period of 30 days will be automatically stored under your profile.
If you've downloaded the HiFYI app, every time you walk into one of the zones you get notified about latest information about that zone. Information can be about offers, deals, navigation, entry passes and much more.
The HIFYI experience is currently available in Delhi NCR. We are in the process of expanding our footprint to more cities within India.
You can pay using our app via a payment gateway managed by a certified 3rd party service provider.
Please download the app from the Andorid Play Store or the iOS App Store and see all our brand listings.
On the HiFYI app, there is a filter icon that can be used to search for a specific product. You can change the filter based on your requirement.
Once you've accumulated a considerable number of points you can choose to redeem them against the vouchers on the HiFYI app.
Our Customer Support Helpdesk can be reached at +91
Our customer support helpdesk functions on Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 6PM except on holidays.
You can write to us at